Audio encoding and decoding

The way how to unclench FLAC in WAV.

How to decompress (decode) FLAC format in WAV for writing to disk.

In this manual, we will look at how to decompress FLAC in WAV, in order to record music on a CD as accurately and correctly as possible so that the sound on it is the same as on an Audio CD (the source disk from which the rip was removed).

Consider the option using the FlacDrop utility: GUI (Graphical User Interface) (Download FlacDrop). Since there is no decoder in the utility, we need to specify the decoder with which it will work, for this we unpack the archive into one directory with the codec flac.exe installed on your PC. (if you use the EAC program to write a CD, you can not install the codec, you already have it in the EAC folder in the FLAC folder).

And so: right-click on the file you want to encode,
further "open with", look for our utility, run,

drag and drop the file to be encoded into the utility window

and then it will do everything itself, the encoded files will fall into the same folder.

It is even easier for our music file to be assigned in the FlacDrop properties, and then the program will start up without double gestures with a double click on the file, all that remains is to transfer it to the program window.

The simplest interface, the settings are called with the right mouse button.

How to use the WAVPack format

How to burn an audio CD

What is Lossless

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