How can we listen to music in formats APE, FLAC, WV?

There is a very small, free program foobar2000.
It was written by the author of the world-famous WinAmp, but unlike him, completely free (winamp pro still a commercial product).
You can download it from the site
It supports almost all reasonable and unreasonable audio formats.

Format FLAC:
played Foobar.

Format APE:
Install the plug-in for APE (foo_input_monkey.dll) - here it is: Download, unpack and put it in the Foobar2000 / components to all other dll-file

To play .ape file in foobar2000 edit the contents of a text file as a .cue (open with notepad) and replace the file extension in a row

FILE "NameFile.wav" WAVE


FILE "NameFile.ape" WAVE

Then open the cue in foobar-e and he will pick up ape-way (of course he should be in the same directory as the cue).

Format ISO.WV:
played Foobar.

for all lossless-format there are plugins for WinAmp and other players. More players there are Apollo and AIMP, but it also needed plugins.

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