What is Lossless

What is quality Lossless - what is it for?

Lossless format for what it is needed

This is music coding (Lossless data compression) - compression without loss of quality, a method of compressing information that allows restoring original information with a bit accuracy.

Lossless is the so-called "archive" (compressed wav, lossless codec), with source audio material, from an audio disc, CDDA, SACD, DVD-A or a vinyl record, which is supplemented with information. In this form, lossless music can be stored and listened to.
When unpacking (decompressing) such an archive, you get the original audio material (from which the rip was removed) to within a bit.

For compression, such lossless codecs are used - APE, Flac, WV, ALAC, TAK, TTA, the main purpose of which is to convert (convert) an audio file to reduce its size from any source of uncompressed audio (original) using lossless data compression i.e. lossless.
When compressing (converting) to any of the above codecs, the difference is only in bitrate (bitrate is the speed of data flow in kilobits per second during playback), how much the audio material has compressed, the parameter of which is not related to sound integrity, i.e. You can use any codec you like, there is no difference in the sound integrity between them.

Why do we need lossless?

1. First of all, the ability to make a copy of an audio disc.
2. Convenience of storage and exchange via the Internet, having a smaller size, compared with the original.


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